9 Ways to Amp Up a Push-up

9 Ways to Amp Up a Push-up

Push-up routine getting stale? We dare you to try these push-up variations from our friends at Self.

You might think of a push-up as the most basic move to work your arms u2014 it’s basically the second exercise we ever learn| right? But the old-fashioned push-up has a lot more potential as a total body workout than you might imagine. To personalize your push-up experience| we asked celebrity trainer Larysa DiDio| creator of Strogation| to show us a few variations of the standby. Pick the push-up that works for you u2014 or better yet| see if you can master them all!

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| Incline Bench Push-up

Place your arms on the bench| slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Keep your back straight| and lower your chest down toward the bench until arms are at 90 degrees.

Great for: beginners and folks with back issues

Works upper chest| shoulders| middle chest| triceps| and core

| Push-up on BOSU

Grip the side of the BOSU ball| making sure wrists are at a neutral position and chest is over the middle of the BOSU. Keep your back straight as you lower your chest down.

Great for: intermediate| advanced trainers

Works chest| abs| triceps| and core

| Push-up With Medicine Ball

Start with your hands slightly wider than your chest| and place one hand on the ball. Perform a push-up as you straighten your arms| and then pass the ball to the other hand to perform another push-up.

Good for:intermediate| advanced trainers

Works chest| triceps| shoulders| back| and core

| Push-up With Reverse Crunch

Place your feet on the ball with ankles over the center. Keep your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart| while bringing your knees to your chest. Keeping your upper body stable| extend your knees back out while performing a push-up.

Good for: intermediate| advanced trainers

Works lower chest| middle chest| lower abs| core| and legs

| Half Burpee Push-up

Place your hands on the floor| slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Jump toward your chest| as feet should land just inside your hands on the ground. Jump back out| bringing feet together| and then do your push-up.

Good for: beginning| intermediate| and advanced trainers

Works abs| chest| triceps| shoulders| and core

| Walking Push-up

Start with hands and feet slightly beyond shoulder-width apart| and then perform a push-up on the floor with legs wide. Next| walk your left hand and leg in together| before walking your right hand and right leg out. Do another push-up. Repeat.

Great for: intermediate| advanced trainers

Works abs| legs| chest| shoulders| triceps| and core

| TRX Push-up

Perform this move on your toes. Hold the handles of the rope suspension| making sure your arms are aligned with shoulders and your abs are tight as you perform your push-up.

Great for: beginner| intermediate| advanced trainers

Works shoulders| core| chest| and legs

| Reverse Grip Push-up

Grab hold of the bar shoulder-width apart| palms facing upward| and perform your push-up. Repeat.

Good for: beginning| intermediate| and advanced trainers

Works upper chest| shoulder| triceps| and abs

| Mountain Climber Push-up

Start with hands on the floor roughly shoulder-width apart like you would a normal push-up. Hike right knee up between your hands like you’re doing a mountain climber| then set foot back down in its starting position and do your push-up. Repeat with the left leg.

Good for: beginning| intermediate| and advanced trainers

Works chest| shoulder| core| and legs