Save Calories and Keep Cool With This Healthy Ranch Dip

When the weather heats up| you want to munch on crunchy| raw veggies with a satisfying ranch dip. However| it’s easy to go overboard on the ranch and pack on some serious calories with what was supposed to be a tiny tide-over. Rethink your ranch by substituting Greek yogurt for sour cream and mayonnaise. Instead of the powdered spices and salt| quickly chop up some chives| parsley| and garlic. There is so much flavor packed in these fresh herbs; only a little salt is needed to satiate your palate. The thick creaminess of the yogurt will provide you with a seemingly decadent treat when really you are loading up on protein and probiotics| the beneficial bacteria that keep your digestive tract in balance.

Cucumbers With Ranch Greek Yogurt Dip

From Anna Monette Roberts| POPSUGAR Fitness

Cucumbers With Ranch Greek Yogurt Dip


This dip will complement any raw vegetable| so be sure to try it on bell peppers| carrots| and broccoli florets.