This Sweet Superfood Will Make You Happier

Raw cacao is the purest form of chocolate you can consume| which means it’s much less processed and significantly higher in antioxidants than plain old cocoa powder or store-bought chocolate bars. Studies have shown that it may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and reduce your blood pressure| but there’s another reason to enjoy it ASAP: it can improve your mood big time.

In one study| participants were given a dark-chocolate drink to consume for 30 days| which contained 500 milligrams| 250 milligrams| or 0 milligrams of polyphenols (the chemicals in plants that have antioxidant properties). The findings? The participants who received the highest dose of cocoa experienced a significantly higher rate of calmness and happiness than those who drank the placebo. If you could use a little extra happy in your day| raw cacao is an ingredient to try.

Culinary director of Sonima Wellness Center Joy Houston is a huge fan of raw cacao powder in her smoothies| since it gives her blends a flavor that’s reminiscent of a classic chocolate malt without all the processed junk. Try singer Ellie Goulding’s go-to coconut-water smoothie that’s sweet| hydrating| and tosses cacao nibs into the mix.

Image Source: Corbis Images