9 Health Benefits of Getting Busy on the Reg

It turns out that getting busy often makes for a healthier and happier you! Our friends at YourTango give us all the details on how regular sex can benefit your health.

Add it to the list of reasons to get it on tonight.

Sex is fun and feels incredible¡ªthat alone is plenty reason to have more of it. But if we need additional incentive, it has an incredible array of benefits to our health and well-being.

Turns out that that time between the sheets can add color to your cheeks and give you a youthful, happy glow. Don’t feel like hitting the gym? Sex is a great way to stay flexible and burn calories, and can help you sleep better at night and wake up healthier in the morning. Turns out, those who have an active sex life live longer and may even have more successful careers.

They also seem to smile a lot more. But that one was kind of obvious.

    Boosted immunity

    “Research suggests that those who have had sex recently have higher levels of immunoglobulin A, an antibody that can help ward off common cold and flu symptoms,” says Astroglide’s Resident Sexologist, Dr. Jess.

    You’ll live longer

    Improved longevity, balanced hormones and lower stress levels. “These benefits are associated with the good night’s sleep that often follows a romp in the hay owing to the increase in oxytocin levels!” says Dr. Jess.

    Healthier heart (and we’re not just talking about happiness)

    Couples who are in a happy relationship have a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, higher survival rates after serious surgeries and greater longevity owing to healthier eating habits, stronger social networks and an increased likelihood of seeking medical care, says Dr. Jess

    Pain relief

    Sex can be used as a pain reliever especially during orgasm when levels of oxytocin get exponentially elevated, says John W. Beiter, Ph.D., CST, Licensed Psychologist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. So, stop using those headaches as an excuse not to play!


    “Studies have shown that couples having more sex can look seven years younger!” says love and sex coach Kim Anami.


    According to psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Estella Sneider, by having sex at least three times per week it helps burn calories and we get the benefit of using more than 500 muscles!

    It’s great for your career

    “Dr. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist and biologist, states that people who have sex regularly are more successful at work,” says Sneider. According to her, sex helps trusting oneself and increases self¨Cesteem.

    Beauty treatment

    Regular sex increases estrogen production, which makes your hair shiny and your skin smooth. “The pheromones you release act as a natural perfume, so more people are attracted to you!” adds Anami.

    Stress relief

    The oxytocin released at orgasm wipes out cortisol, which is the major stress hormone, says Anami.

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