13 Reasons to Sweat It Out With a Workout Buddy

13 Reasons to Sweat It Out With a Workout Buddy

Just because we outgrew the buddy system in elementary school doesn’t mean we need to ditch the idea completely| especially when it comes to working out. Finding the motivation to exercise is hard. Very hard. And after a long day at work| all you want to do is Pitch Perfect character Fat Amy’s favorite exercise u2014 horizontal running. To avoid this| however| make a date with your BFF next time you plan to exercise. The buddy gym date is practically foolproof because once you make a plan with a good friend| it’s much harder to back out last minute. And if you do| you know they will bring it up next time. Keep reading to see the benefits of dragging your BFF to the gym.

| You Have a Personal Motivator

When you’re thinking about giving up on that last lap| just look over to your partner in crime.

| And a Competitor

Who doesn’t get a little competitive at the gym? One more sit-up won’t hurt you.

| You Always Have a Spotter

You’ll never have to worry about being crushed with a heavyweight.

| You Guys Can Coordinate Workout Outfits

OK| you and your friend probably won’t do this. But you have the option to.

| You Have Someone to Talk (or Rant) To

Stretch time is much more fun when you spend it swapping juicy stories.

| You Can Choose Fun Workout Classes Together

Pole-dance workouts by yourself? No way. But with a friend| YASSS.

| You Can Scope Out Hot People at the Gym Together

A little bonding time over eye candy never hurts a friendship.

| You Can Make Workouts a Date

Making a gym date with your BFF is the new brunch date| minus the calories.

| You’ll Grow Closer to Your BFF

Nothing says best friends forever like seeing (and accepting) each other at your sweatiest| grossest state.

| You Can Finally Test Out Intimidating Machines

With your friend by your side| anything is possible. Even getting on a SoulCycle bike.

| You Can Track Your Progress Together

There’s no need to invest in fitness trackers. Your BFF won’t hold back on the positive comments.

| You Have Someone to Text the Next Day About Post-Workout Pains

Because no one else will understand why you’re limping in the office.

| You Have Someone to Eat With After Surviving CrossFit

Chipotle? Yes| please.