13 Reasons to Sweat It Out With a Workout Buddy

13 Reasons to Sweat It Out With a Workout Buddy

Just because we outgrew the buddy system in elementary school doesn’t mean we need to ditch the idea completely, especially when it comes to working out. Finding the motivation to exercise is hard. Very hard. And after a long day at work, all you want to do is Pitch Perfect character Fat Amy’s favorite exercise u2014 horizontal running. To avoid this, however, make a date with your BFF next time you plan to exercise. The buddy gym date is practically foolproof because once you make a plan with a good friend, it’s much harder to back out last minute. And if you do, you know they will bring it up next time. Keep reading to see the benefits of dragging your BFF to the gym.

| You Have a Personal Motivator

When you’re thinking about giving up on that last lap, just look over to your partner in crime.

| And a Competitor

Who doesn’t get a little competitive at the gym? One more sit-up won’t hurt you.

| You Always Have a Spotter

You’ll never have to worry about being crushed with a heavyweight.

| You Guys Can Coordinate Workout Outfits

OK, you and your friend probably won’t do this. But you have the option to.

| You Have Someone to Talk (or Rant) To

Stretch time is much more fun when you spend it swapping juicy stories.

| You Can Choose Fun Workout Classes Together

Pole-dance workouts by yourself? No way. But with a friend, YASSS.

| You Can Scope Out Hot People at the Gym Together

A little bonding time over eye candy never hurts a friendship.

| You Can Make Workouts a Date

Making a gym date with your BFF is the new brunch date, minus the calories.

| You’ll Grow Closer to Your BFF

Nothing says best friends forever like seeing (and accepting) each other at your sweatiest, grossest state.

| You Can Finally Test Out Intimidating Machines

With your friend by your side, anything is possible. Even getting on a SoulCycle bike.

| You Can Track Your Progress Together

There’s no need to invest in fitness trackers. Your BFF won’t hold back on the positive comments.

| You Have Someone to Text the Next Day About Post-Workout Pains

Because no one else will understand why you’re limping in the office.

| You Have Someone to Eat With After Surviving CrossFit

Chipotle? Yes, please.