Healthy Foods You Can Actually Make in a Mug

What’s better than a quick and easy meal? One that also tastes amazing. These simple recipes from Self taste great and only require one dish: a mug.

It’s pretty amazing all the different things you can cook with little more than a microwave and a coffee mug. The beauty of it is not only are the recipes supereasy and superquick| but they are also portion-controlled and low maintenance on the cleanup. Here are five of my favorites that you can whip up anytime you have a craving. (PS Not to mention| the whole mug thing comes in handy for party tricks. Just sayin’.)

1. Strawberry Mug Shortcake

Spray a coffee mug with cooking spray. In a small bowl| whisk together 1 1/2 tablespoons sugar| 2 tablespoons low-fat buttermilk| 1 tablespoon canola oil| 1 tablespoon egg substitute (or egg whites)| and a dash of vanilla extract until the mixture is smooth. Then whisk in 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour| a pinch of baking soda| and a tiny pinch of salt until combined. Fold in 2 teaspoons strawberry preserves. Pour batter into mug. Microwave for about 2 minutes until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out?clean. Let cool and then top with ? cup chopped fresh strawberries and 1 tablespoon light whipped topping.

The Skinny: 300 calories| 15g fat| 1.5g sat fat| 0g trans fat| 0mg cholesterol| 55mg sodium| 40g carb| 1g fiber| 25g sugar| 4g protein.

2. Mug-Baked Berry Oatmeal

Spray coffee mug with cooking spray. Add ? cup quick oats| 1 egg| ? cup low-fat milk| and 1 tablespoon chopped pecans to the mug and whisk with a fork to combine. Fold in ? cup fresh blueberries| ? teaspoon cinnamon| and 2 teaspoons brown sugar. Microwave for 2-3 minutes or until cooked through and then fluff with a fork. Top with 1 tablespoon nonfat Greek yogurt| if desired.

The Skinny: 410 calories| 13g fat| 2g sat fat| 185mg cholesterol| 125mg sodium| 55g carb| 7g fiber| 23g sugar| 18g protein.

3. Mexican Mug Mac

In an extralarge coffee mug| combine 1/3 cup whole-wheat macaroni noodles and ? cup water. Place mug in the microwave on top of a microwave-safe plate to catch any water that might boil over. Microwave for 2 minutes and then stir. Continue to microwave for 3-5 more minutes| stirring after each 2 minutes| or until the pasta has absorbed all the water and is cooked to al dente. Add ? cup low-fat milk| 2 tablespoons chopped green bell pepper| ? teaspoon ground cumin| and 1/4 cup shredded pepper jack cheese. Microwave for 1 more minute until warmed through and cheese melts. Stir again and top with 2 tablespoons salsa| if desired.

The Skinny: 270 calories| 10g fat| 6g sat fat| 0g trans fat| 35mg cholesterol| 210mg sodium| 32g carb| 3g fiber| 3g sugar| 14g protein.

4. Little Lentil Loaf

Spray a coffee mug with cooking spray. Add ? cup cooked lentils to the mug and mash slightly with a fork. Stir in ? teaspoon each garlic powder and onion powder. Add ? cup cooked brown rice| 1 tablespoon ketchup| a pinch each of salt and pepper| and ? teaspoon Italian herb blend. Top with additional ketchup if desired and cover and cook in the microwave for 2-3 minutes or until warmed through. Allow to cool slightly so the loaf will firm up before removing from the cup to enjoy.

The Skinny: 140 calories| 0g fat| 0g sat fat| 0g trans fat| 270mg sodium| 29g carb| 5g fiber| 5g sugar| 6g protein.

5. Mega-Awesome Microwave Cheesecake

Spray a coffee mug with cooking spray. Add 2 ounces of softened| reduced-fat cream cheese| 2 tablespoons nonfat| plain Greek yogurt| 1 egg| ? teaspoon lime juice| ? teaspoon vanilla| and 2 tablespoons sugar to the mug and stir until well combined. Microwave for about a minute and a half| stirring every 30 seconds or so until all ingredients are incorporated and cooked through. Let cool and then refrigerate until ready to serve. Top with half of a graham cracker (crumbled) and 1/3 cup fresh raspberries.?Serves 2.

The Skinny: 190 calories| 10g fat| 5g sat fat| 0g trans fat| 107mg cholesterol| 200mg sodium| 19g carb| 0g fiber| 24g sugars| 14g protein.


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