The 1 Ingredient That Can Elevate Your Hummus

I love making homemade hummus ¡ª it’s so easy and so cheap! But I must admit| eating the same flavor each time is a little boring. Inspired by the farmers market| I baked up some heirloom tomatoes and added them to my finished hummus. The result was simply delicious and I couldn’t stop dipping my veggies in it. Here is a basic hummus recipe that you can easily jazz up with things you have on hand| but I highly recommend roasting tomatoes to add.

Lauren Hendrickson| POPSUGAR Fitness

Roasted Tomato Hummus


4 garlic cloves1 teaspoon salt2 1-pound| 3-ounce cans chickpeas| drained and rinsed2/3 cup tahini| well stirred1/4 cup fresh lemon juice| or to taste1/2 cup olive oil| or to taste1/2 to 1 cup roasted tomato