25 Mason-Jar Salad Recipes to Make Co-Workers Jealous

25 Mason-Jar Salad Recipes to Make Co-Workers Jealous

Have you hopped on the #saladinajar craze yet? Not only do these colorful layers look enticing, but with a little prep, you can whip up an entire week’s worth, all at once. Buy some mason jars and get ready to be inspired.

| Rainbow Protein-Packed Salad

Have fun at the farmers market and pick up some colorful foods like blueberries, yellow peppers, and cucumbers. Pour gingery dressing on the bottom, add chickpeas, and then layer all the colors of the rainbow. Top with extra protein like tofu or grilled chicken and sunflower seeds, and you’ve got the perfect jar of salad happiness.

Photo: Jenny Sugar

| Roasted Sweet Potato and Quinoa Salad

Don’t limit salad to just greens! This salad includes roasted sweet potatoes and cooked quinoa to make your meal extra fiberlicious and filling. You’ll stay satisfied longer

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