Why Serena Williams Is the Most Exceptional Tennis Player Ever, Period

Why Serena Williams Is the Most Exceptional Tennis Player Ever| Period

There’s no denying it: this girl has got game. Serena Williams won her u2014 count ’em u2014 18th Grand Slam victory during the US Open Ladies Singles Final on Sunday. The tennis player tied Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert for wins with this particular triumph| but her overall Slam average is greater than both of her predecessors’ u2014u00a0and any man’s in the sport. It also includes 13 wins on the doubles side with her sister| Venus Williams. So it’s time to take the “”female”” descriptor out of Serena’s title| because she is just the best| plain and simple. Sorry we’re not sorry| boys. Check out all of the reasons why we love Serena.

| She trains hard.

Serena’s Nike core workout includes key exercises that the athlete does on a regular basis to stay strong. “”Everything I do on court begins with strength from the core| so it’s the perfect foundation for my training as a tennis player|”” she says.

| She keeps her focus.

The tennis player may have just won her 18th Grand Slam| but there seems to be no slowing down for her in sight. Serena does not plan on ending her career anytime soon; in fact| she says| “”Every year makes me want to come back and do better.””

| She’s incredibly dedicated.

Serena started playing tennis when she was 4 years old. By the time she was 9| she was known in the athletic community as the girl to watch. That’s a career that has spanned over 20 years.

| She has crazy good style.

Serena not only lets her confidence shine through her ability as an athlete but as a fashion maven as well. She is a trendsetter both on and off the court.