Sip On This Smoothie For a Better Time in Bed

A healthy sex life has healthy benefits to your life, too! So it pays to create a little more romance in the bedroom. If you’re looking to have better sex tonight ¡ª who isn’t?! ¡ª then whip up this smoothie made with libido-boosting foods.

It’s made with dark chocolate, which increases the brain’s dopamine levels, the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure. Don’t forget the juicy strawberries and peaches high in vitamin C, which studies show can increase female libido by increasing blood flow. Bananas make the scene as well, since they’re high in B6, which regulates hormone levels and decreases stress. Add in some pumpkin seeds, a great source of zinc, which is a mineral that boosts the testosterone levels needed to increase your sex drive. Spice things up with ginger, which increases circulation and enhances the libido. With a splash of chocolate almond milk, it sounds delicious, right? Get ready to feel sexy after sipping on this.

Chocolate Strawberry Banana Better-Sex Smoothie

From Jenny Sugar, POPSUGAR Fitness

Chocolate Strawberry Banana Better-Sex Smoothie

Smoothie For Better Sex


1/2 frozen banana1/4 cup strawberries, fresh or frozen1/4 cup peaches, fresh or frozen1 tablespoon raw pumpkin seeds1 tablespoon dark chocolate (70-percent cocoa or more)1/2 cup dark chocolate almond milk1/2 cup cold water1/8 teaspoon ginger