Weight-Loss Tips For Late-Night Snackers

Dinner has long been over and you’re sitting on the couch| relaxing in front of your favorite TV show when it hits you ¡ª that craving for something to snack. While eating late at night doesn’t trigger weight gain| it can if you overdo it and inhale huge portions. Follow these tips if you want to eat a little something at night without expanding your waistline.

Save some for later: Figure out how many daily calories are right for you| and allot a certain number to that late-night snack. Keep track of what you eat in a food journal or on your phone| so you know you can eat a 150-calorie serving of chocolate guilt-free because you know you’ve saved up for it. Have a go-to list: Wandering aimlessly into the kitchen without knowing specifically what you want to munch on is a surefire way to reach for everything in sight from pretzels to cookies ¡ª and inhale hundreds of calories within minutes. Arm yourself with a list of snacks that are both satisfying and 150 calories or fewer. Decide what you want before walking into the kitchen. If desserts are your weakness| here are sweet treats under 150 calories. If you’re craving something salty| go for these low-cal snacks.Measure and be done: Once you decide what to eat| whether it’s popcorn or a bowl of cereal| measure out the appropriate serving| leave the kitchen| and sit down to enjoy it. Avoid eating straight out of the ice cream pint or while standing at the kitchen counter| because you’re more likely to keep going back for more (and more!).Grab a bottle: Fill a reusable water bottle or a glass with nature’s beverage| and sip a few ounces after each bite of snack. The water will help you feel full and satisfied without adding any calories.Image Source: Thinkstock