Spiced Honey-Broiled Grapefruit Will Sweeten Up Your Next Breakfast

If you’re looking for a sweet change to your everyday breakfast, start with your fruit. While tangy, pink grapefruit is a healthy and delicious choice for the day, it has the potential to be so much tastier! With the addition of only three ingredients and a mere five minutes in the oven, the citrus fruit transforms from a basic breakfast staple into a healthy, decadent treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Whether it’s served alongside your favorite oatmeal or as a dessert dish, honey-broiled grapefruit will quickly become a welcome spin on fresh produce in your kitchen.

Spiced Honey-Broiled Grapefruit

Original Recipe

Spiced Honey-Broiled Grapefruit

Spiced Honey-Broiled Grapefruit Recipe


1 grapefruit2 teaspoons honeyPinch of nutmegPinch of cinnamon