The Ingredient You Should Be Adding to Every Smoothie

I’ve always been an eggs and avocado enthusiast when it comes to breakfast| but recently| a smoothie’s combination of being refreshing and ready in one minute has helped me make the transition from the stove to the blender. I’ve been playing around with a number of ingredient combinations| but regardless of what I toss into the mix| there’s one nutrient-dense item that remains: spinach.

This leafy green might turn everything a grassy hue| but you should not be afraid to drink up. Here’s why I always toss (at least) one cup of spinach into my breakfast smoothie.

It helps tone muscle: Popeye had the right idea! While your spinach-filled smoothie won’t make you muscles grow immediately| a Swedish animal study found found that nitrate| found naturally in spinach| may improve muscle tone and endurance in humans.

It restores your energy: Iron helps transport oxygen around the body| and people with an iron deficiency often feel fatigued and groggy without realizing it’s the problem. Bumping up your iron intake can make a huge difference in how you feel| and spinach is one of the best natural plant sources out there.

You can’t taste it: While kale can leave your smoothie looking and tasting very green| spinach easily sneaks in without affecting flavor. If you’re not convinced| try this pear| grape| and spinach smoothie or this chocolate-banana blend. These recipes will help you turn into a spinach smoothie convert| too.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lizzie Fuhr