8 Tips to Help You Get the Best Sleep This Spring

8 Tips to Help You Get the Best Sleep This Spring

Warmer weather can be great during the day| but when nighttime comes around| seasonal shifts like high pollen counts| stuffy nights| and active evenings can mess with our sleep routine. To make sure you get the right amount of sleep as hot weather nears| read these tips.

| Deal With Allergies

The sneezing| itchy eyes| and runny noses of the season can lead to restless nights. If you notice yourself waking up from allergy symptoms| take a good look at your bedroom: you may need to invest in an air filter or keep pets out. And before you reach for your allergy medication| see if any of these natural allergy remedies help.

| Drink Water All Day

Warmer weather can lead to dehydration| which can disrupt a good night’s rest. And since we become even more dehydrated during sleep| making sure you’re drinking enough water during the day will keep your sleeping self happy throughout the night.

| Have a Sleep-Inducing Snack

A cup of warm milk or a bowl of oatmeal may not cut it when the temperatures are rising. Instead| opt for a refreshing option like this Greek yogurt| banana| and berry smoothie. Bananas are a good source of nutrients that help you sleep| like potassium and magnesium| and both bananas and dairy contain the sleep-inducing classic tryptophan.

| Wake Up and Exercise

Regular exercise helps you get better sleep| so make sure you make time for it. Waking up early so you can work out in the morning will further help you feel exhausted enough when you hit your pillow at night| so take advantage of the season’s cooler| sun-filled mornings to help motivate you to exercise.

| Eat a Light| Seasonal Dinner

What’s not to love about Spring’s fresh crop of produce? Eating a light| plant-filled dinner that is easier to digest will help ensure that you’re not up hours later with discomfort. These healthy Spring vegetable recipes are a must to make this season!

| Regulate Your Bedroom’s Temperature

Whether it’s too chilly or too stuffy| the wrong room temperature can affect the quality of your sleep. Make sure you spend some time figuring out your bedroom’s ventilation| heating| and fan situation in order to keep your room temperature between 65 and 72 degrees u2014 the optimal range where your body can rest the most comfortably.

| Relax With Herbal Tea (Hot or Iced!)

No matter what the temperature| a cup or glass of herbal tea before bed can help you relax and unwind. Opt for calming flavors like chamomile to soothe you and make a big batch of iced herbal tea to keep in your fridge as the nights get warmer.

| Keep a Routine

Now that the cold| dreary days of Winter are gone| you can be excused for wanting to spend as much time out and about as possible. But instead of spending too many late nights out| make sure you keep a normal routine. It’s easier to have more quality sleep if you aren’t disrupting your circadian rhythms by varying your bedtime every night.