Here’s How to Prevent Runner’s Knee

If you’re a runner and you want to increase your speed| build your endurance| and have the ability to tackle hills with a breeze| you need to have strong quads. Strengthening your thighs can also prevent injuries such as runner’s knee. This common injury| which often happens to new runners| is tied to a combination of weak quads and tight hamstrings and calves. Wall squats (also called wall sits) are the perfect exercise to strengthen your upper legs.

Source: Megan Wolfe PhotographyStand with your back against a wall| placing your feet about two feet out in front of you. Feet should be hip-distance apart.Bending your knees| slide your back down the wall until your knees are at 90 degree angles. Your knee joints should be over your ankle joints| so you may need to inch your feet further from the wall to create proper alignment. Your thighs should remain parallel. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds| and then stand up. Repeat for a total of three reps.To make this move more challenging| alternate between lifting your left heel for a few seconds and then your right. This helps to target your calves.Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ericka McConnell