How I Quit Sugar in 60 Days or Less (and You Can Too!)

If you’re trying to break the sugar habit| this detox plan from YourTango may be exactly what you need.

Want to give up sugar for the long haul? For years| it was commonly believed new habits could be formed and broken in just 21 days. The truth is| though| it actually takes more like 66 days for most people to leave habits behind says a UK study| led by University College London research psychologist Pippa Lally.

With that in mind| here’s an eating plan I quit sugar with (that will help you) in a way that is sustainable; just four simple rules is all you follow for the next 66 days.

I have personally followed this eating menu and let me tell you: Dropping sweets wasn’t easy. I’m a certified sugar lover. It’s wasn’t uncommon for me to have a serious sugar cravings at 10 p.m.| put on boots and sweater and tromp through the the snowy streets of SLC to hunt down chocolate-covered cinnamon bears and Swedish Fish. Being a candy lover was a huge part of my identity for years.

But no matter how pretty those frosted cupcakes looked| my growing jeans size didn’t feel pretty at all. I knew I needed a change.

The first change was unwelcome. It came in the form of massive stress. I dropped 10 pounds by just not eating. But as the weight started to melt away| I loved the way I felt and wanted to find a way to keep pounds off while also maintaining energy and boosting my overall health.

So I decided to start cutting sugar.

I turned to a mostly Paleo-eating regimen| which includes no use of sugar at all. After a hard-earned month of fighting cravings| relearning what (and how) to eat| and dropping another 10 pounds| I had a wild realization: I wasn’t craving sugar anymore. It took weeks. I mean| literally weeks. And not because my body was begging for treats| but because my brain kept turning to the comforting habits I’d taught myself through years of reaching for sweets. I needed nearly 45 days to get some new neural pathways rockin’ in my head. I needed to prove to myself that old(ish) dogs can learn new tricks.

This journey of mine inspired the printable. It’s a one-page no-sugar survival guide full of real foods you can really eat (and enjoy!) for the entire duration of sugar detox and beyond. You’re going to love it.

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