Sink Your Teeth Into This Sweet Potato Burger With Creamy Avocado

Your bacon-cheeseburger-loving friends are going to be jealous when you take a bite of this vegetarian deliciousness. So robust in flavor| these hearty burgers are made with the goodness of sweet potatoes| black beans| millet| and corn. And the creamy avocado sauce on top is like a beautiful ribbon tied around your birthday present ¡ª it adds the perfect touch.

Savory and simple| this dinner will only cost you 367 calories ¡ª much less than the 520 for a regular burger| and it’s packed with vitamin A.

Sweet Potato Black Bean Veggie Burger

From Jenny Sugar| POPSUGAR Fitness

Sweet Potato Black Bean Veggie Burger


To make this recipe gluten-free| use certified gluten-free oats and gluten-free hamburger buns. To veganize this recipe| substitute soy yogurt for Greek yogurt when making the cream sauce.