A Must-Try Sweet Potato Crust Pizza

My ultimate comfort food is pizza| but when I’m trying to cut back on gluten and treat my food as fuel| it’s hard to rationalize ordering a classic pizza pie for dinner. After a few trials| I have finally come up with gluten-free and veggie-filled pizza crust that satisfies my cravings. Luckily| it stars one of the healthiest tubers out there: the mighty sweet potato.

Once I took my first bite| I knew this was the recipe I had been dreaming of. The high-protein| vitamin-A-rich crust keeps a nice crunch on the outside and tastes like an extrafluffy mashed potato in the center. Even better| half of this pie offers over 20 percent of recommended fiber for the day| so unlike your standard neighborhood slice| this pizza will keep you full and satisfied hours later.

Sweet Potato Crust Pizza

From Lizzie Fuhr| POPSUGAR Fitness

Sweet Potato Crust Pizza


I kept things simple and topped this pizza with fresh grape tomatoes| basil| and red pepper flakes| but feel free to get more creative with your toppings.