For a Toned and Perky Butt, Do This Effective Move

If you’ve tried the advanced bridge tabletop, you know it’s an effective move at targeting the tush. Here’s a variation that will isolate one side of your glutes at a time for an even bigger butt burn, while also strengthening your core and thighs.

Begin in a strong tabletop position, with your hands under your shoulders, your knees over your ankles, and fingers pointed away from you.Lift your left leg up and reach your right hand toward your left toes. Return your hand and foot to the floor, lifting the pelvis back to tabletop by squeezing the glutes. This completes one rep.Compete 10 to 12 reps on this side, then repeat with the right leg in the air. Repeat twice more for a total of three sets.Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography