The Best Gym-Bag Beauty Hacks of All Time

The Best Gym-Bag Beauty Hacks of All Time

Get in| get out| and look fabulous: these post-workout beauty hacks from Self are ingenious.

Most of us have a post-workout beauty routine that’s basically a mad dash from locker to shower to mirror to dooru2014with a quick swipe of lip balm and a one-minute hairstyle in between. To save time and look (and smell) better than ever| stock your gym bag with these key multitaskers and read on for surprising ways to hack them. Guarantee your get-ready sprint will go a bit smoother.

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| Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo| $20

The hack: Good old dry shampoo is a gym bag mainstay: a few spritzes on roots (followed by a quick shot of the blow dryer) and your hair is completely refreshed. But you can also spritz it in your shoes and bag; the ingredients that deodorize your hair work just as well at deodorizing your stuff.

| Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets| $9

The hack: Sandwich two of these oil-absorbing papers between your bangs and press down; you’ll soak up moisture from your hair and your forehead in one step. Then use another sheet to set your makeup: after you apply foundation| blot your skin to absorb any sweat that’s come through.

| Secret Outlast Antiperspirant & Deodorant Clear Gel| Unscented| $5

The hack: Yes| of course| swipe it under your arms| but go right ahead and swipe it anywhere else you won’t stop sweatingu2014like your lower back| your chest| even your forehead. The gel is clear and unscented (so you won’t be overpowered with scent)| and it’s quicker than continuously toweling off or loading on layers of powder.

| Tresemmu00e9 Renewal Hair & Scalp Leave In Conditioner| $5

The hack: The lightweight| hydrating formula works great to help you detangle hair fast. But you can also use it to give yourself a conditioning treatment while you work out. Your typical hair mask would be too goopy and obvious to leave on your hair while you sweat| but a leave-in spray is invisible and also super hydrating. Plus the heat you generate opens your hair’s cuticles so they can absorb the formula better. Afterward: rub shampoo into roots if you need it| then rinse and go.

| Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara| $6

The hack: A clear mascara is the best post-gym choice because it won’t smear on warm skin like black would. And you can also use it to slick your brows into place and even tamp down random flyaway hair strands (no need to pack hairspray anymore!).

| Bath & Body Works PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel in Meyer Lemon| $2

The hack: After all those communal weights and mats| hand sanitizer is always a good thing to have on . . . hand. But besides using it for the obvious| rub a drop of it into your makeup brushes after you use them to keep them clean and germ-free.

| Victoria’s Secret Tempting Love Fragrance Mist| $14

The hack: Besides giving you a fresh| sweet scent| a fragrance mist works like a towel: the alcohol in it instantly dries up wet areas.