This Celebrity Trainer Tip Will Help You Run Faster

I love nothing more than setting out for a long| solo run; often I won’t wear a running watch to track my stats so?I can go as leisurely or as fast as I’m feeling. When I want to push myself| however| I need something more than my own inner coach motivating me. For that| I sign up for Barry’s Bootcamp| a combination strength-training and treadmill interval class where intense trainers force me to increase the incline and speed on my machine more than I ever would on my own. But it works: after a few weeks of (tortuous) sweaty sessions I feel ready to take on the miles ¡ª and running at my normal pace feels like a breeze.

Even if you don’t have a trainer yelling at you to turn up your treadmill| you can mimic this pace-quickening effect yourself with this advice from Barry’s Bootcamp master trainer Courtney Paul| who also trains celebs like Katie Holmes (you can also catch him at a fitness-themed retreat at the West Bay Club in Turks & Caicos in May). “Find a running partner who will push you to your maximum capacity and then more|” Courtney says. “I find that the mind gives out much faster than the body| so it’s very important to find a partner who can push you past your mental limits.”

Don’t have a running friend? Try your local shoe store to see if they have running clubs or if they are able to point you to one. Most clubs group runners by pace| so you can try out one slightly faster than yours. Go past your comfort zone just a little bit and you’ll become a faster| more resilient runner. As Courtney says| “You’ll discover that you’re stronger than you think you are!”


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