Prepare to Cry: This Amazing Athlete Is Raising $1 Million For His Mom’s Health

Prepare to Cry: This Amazing Athlete Is Raising $1 Million For His Mom’s Health

Meet Sam Fox| the 28-year-old endurance athlete who’s on a mission to cure Parkinson’s disease. After his mother| Lucy| was diagnosed with the debilitating disease 15 years ago| Sam knew he had to take action. Never one to “sit on the sidelines|”” Sam mapped out the Tour de Fox| a three-month-long trek around the lower contiguous US; he’ll cover an astounding 14|000 miles and climb the highest peak in 48 states| all while raising one million dollars for Parkinson’s research for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The tour is currently under way| and on July 2| Sam was already halfway to reaching his one-million-dollar goal! Check out the official Tour de Fox video and candids ahead. You’ll be inspired to see when Sam’s in your state.

| Warning: this Tour de Fox video is a tearjerker.
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Michael J. Fox and Sam hiked White Butte in North Dakota with 25 fellow climbers. Sam said Michael was the first to reach the summit!

| Mapping the Route

We dig Sam’s man bun.

| #SummitSelfie

Sam led an excursion of 30 climbers to the top of New Hampshire’s tallest peak.

| Taking Rest After a 100-Mile Ride

He had his first “”dig deep”” moment during this ride: “”I love challenging myself physically. I always have| and as long as I can move I’m sure I always will. However| as the miles| sun burns| bruises and sleep deficit pile up| it gets more difficult and indeed physically painful just to keep going. That’s when I turn to my mom for inspiration. And not just because she has Parkinson’s and is fighting it| but because she’s always been tough| she’s taught me to be tough in my way| and I feel a healthy pressure to make her proud out here.””

| Sam’s Inspiration

Sam shared a great snap with his mom| Lucy.

| He’s an Animal-Lover!

Meet Nugget the Pit Bull. So much cuteness in this photo.