The Magic Formula For Fat-Burning Success

When there’s a big event on the horizon| getting in shape can sometimes feel like a sprint to the finish line. Bottom line: there’s no quick way to make the pounds melt away| but this formula from Barry’s Bootcamp can definitely help to speed up the process. “The key to burning fat is interval training on the treadmill|” says Alycia Stevenin| a trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp NYC. “If you bring the heart rate up and down for short periods of time| that will put you in your optimal fat-burning zone.”

Instead of fussing with complicated treadmill workouts| Alycia keeps it simple with this easy interval routine: 30 seconds of walking followed by 30 seconds of all-out sprinting| then repeat. While you can choose to keep this up for a full 30 minutes| Alycia recommends maximizing your body’s calorie-burning potential by adding strength training to your workout. Using her simple interval routine| perform four minutes on the treadmill| followed by one minute of a basic strength-training move ¡ª?think push-ups| squats| or lunges. Repeat this six to eight times| and you’ll swear that you can feel your metabolism surging!


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography