The Simple Tool That Can Help You Master a Headstand

The following post was originally featured on Fit Bottomed Girls and written by Jenn Walters| who is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

Yoga is a funny beast.

Some poses are so welcoming to beginners ¡ª Child’s Pose! Warrior I! ¡ª while others . . . well| it takes a little more practice and a whole lot of confidence before you’re ready to attempt them in a class setting. (I’m looking at you| Half Moon Pose.)

And that’s where it is incredibly handy to have a TRX suspension trainer available. It can make some of those tricky yoga poses a little easier to do| especially if you know the right steps to take!

To learn more about each of these moves and this workout| check out Fit Bottomed Girls.

Image Source: Fit Bottomed Girls