The 13 Types of People You Meet in Yoga Class

The 13 Types of People You Meet in Yoga Class

For me| yoga is the perfect exercise: a respite and refuge from stressful days with the added bonus of physical fitness. And it’s better as a group activity u2014u00a0the energy of a room full of like-minded people can add positivity and a sense of community to your practice. But there’s a downside too. Yoga attracts many different kinds of people| and sometimes those people are not quite so like-minded. Like| they’re not quite clear on the rules for when to get there| when to leave| and why you shouldn’t bring your cell phone. Yoga class is a varied cacophony of people and personalities| so this is devoted to them u2014 and you| because| honestly| many of us have been some of these types. Yes| even the farter. It happens to the best of us.

| The Woman Who Can’t Part With Her Cell Phone

Don’t you answer that phone. Don’t you dare!

| The Show-Off

Yeah| we get it. You’re amazing.

| The Farter

One time is one thing. Making music several times during class is totally another.

| The Loud Breather

Ohhhhhm my god| be quiet.

| The Looky Loo

You know her. She’s looking at you; she’s looking at her| at him| at the teacher. Girl| mind your business!

| The Gigglers

We’ve all been there. It’s why I avoid going to yoga with friends.

| The Newbie Guy Who Doesn’t Really Know What He’s Doing

Oh| but he tries.

| The Latecomer

You’re ruining my Asana!

| The Early Leaver

Where are you going?

| The Chatters

I mean| go to happy hour.

| The Mirror-Obsessed

I see you seeing you.

| The Savasana-All-the-Time Yogi

Are you snoring?

| Teacher’s Pet

She can turn off the lights herself.