Tyson Beckford Reveals the Secrets to His Too-Hot-to-Handle Abs

Tyson Beckford Reveals the Secrets to His Too-Hot-to-Handle Abs

King of abs| fashion icon| host of Make Me a Supermodel . . . whatever you want to call him| there’s no denying that Tyson Beckford is a serious hottie with a body. His newest exciting adventure will be cohosting the Chippendales show in Las Vegas (you know| the male striptease dance show). We sat down with Tyson to talk about how he’s training for the shirtless gig u2014 although his training never really stops. “”For me| fitness is a way of life|”” he said. Read on to see some of the model and actor’s favorite health and fitness routines| and try not to stare at his abs too long.

| He Fits in Some Type of Workout Every Day

“”Every day I do something| whether itu2019s 20 minutes or 15 minutes u2014 I do something to keep the blood going. I have a Cannondale [bike] here in the house. Iu2019ll go for a nice 15 minutes hard| then I go into an ab routine after that| then I go into jump ropes| and then planking.””

| There’s a Secret to His Abs of Steel

The model’s abs are so coveted that he made his own workout tool: the Beckford Bar u2014 it makes push-ups even harder. He’s been working to add 10 pounds of lean muscle for the Chippendales show. “”First| I’ll do some weights because I’m trying to bulk up. And then I do a nice finishing workout with a Beckford Bar routine.””

| He’s a Smoothie-Lover

“”One of my favorites is a mixture of apple| kale| orange| grapefruit| and celery|”” he said. Tyson doesn’t usually add protein to his smoothies because he gets so much already. “”I eat so much chicken and fish| Iu2019m pretty good on the protein. Once in a while Iu2019ll do peanut butter.””

| But There’s One Food He Can’t Resist

“”I love fried fish|”” he said. “”And chocolate. That’s kind of my weakness.””

| He Even Incorporates Fitness Into His Dates

He would make the perfect SoulCycle partner. Of his ideal first workout date| he said| “”Iu2019d go to a Flywheel or spin cycle class. Thatu2019s a nice first fitness date.”” And he’d make sure his date was going as hard as he was. “”I definitely want them to be motivating. Theyu2019ve got to have that drive.””

| His Health and Fitness Tip For Everyone: Hydrate

Tyson says it’s not only important to stay hydrated on the inside| but also on the outside with skin moisturizers. “”Moisturize when you go to the gym. If you donu2019t| youu2019re going to get stretch marks. I’ll put put on some baby oil or gel| and I know I’m not damaging my skin.”” As far as drinking water or sports drinks| Tyson said| “”I stick to water.””

| He’s Going to Make Chippendales Even Hotter

Tyson will be cohosting the show for a limited time| April 30 through May 24. What he’s looking forward to most about the sexy gig? “”Just the reaction of the crowd. The one thing about women . . . if they like something| theyu2019ll let you know.”” True.