It’s Impossible Not to Be Inspired by Under Armour’s New Ad Campaign

It’s Impossible Not to Be Inspired by Under Armour’s New Ad Campaign

Prominent names Misty Copeland| Lindsey Vonn| Kelley O’Hara| Gisele Bu00fcndchen| and Brianna Cope all share characteristics beyond their ridiculous bods u2014 they’re strong| and they’re inspiring. These five powerhouses are Under Armour‘s Women of Will and the faces of UA’s new Armour Bra campaign| inclusive of all active women.

Each of their photos is simple but powerful| showcasing total strength and grit. And we think that’s sexy. See why we love who’s representing.

| Gisele Bu00fcndchen

Gisele may be a household name in the modeling world| but that doesn’t undermine her incredible strength. She’s made fitness a lifestyle and incorporates various activities in her daily routine.

| Misty Copeland

As the first African-American principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre| Misty is no stranger to breaking barriers| including mental ones. She emphasizes that having the right mind-set translates to your physical capabilities: “”Find a zen space in your mind| even if it’s just singing to yourself. Just pass the time and keep a steady breath.””

| Brianna Cope

The professional surfer is all about speed| power| and agility| and she refuses to let anyone interfere with her goals| including herself. “”Strengthening my willpower has been just as important as strengthening my body|”” she said. “”They both feed the other| and my goal is to never be satisfied. I know I can do more| so I will.””

| Kelley O’Hara

Kelley made sure that Germany wouldn’t have a shot in the Women’s World Cup semifinals| and her solid finish secured the US team’s advancement. Now that’s badass.