You’ve Been Eating This Superfood All Wrong

You’ve Been Eating This Superfood All Wrong

Quinoa is a superfood that we all know and love and for good reason. The protein-rich grain is high in fiber| iron| potassium| and vitamin B2. It pairs perfectly with just about anything and can even help with bloating and weight loss. We love mixing it with salads and in standard quinoa dishes| but there’s a whole other realm of recipes that this supergrain takes to the next level. See some of the most unexpected (and delicious) uses of quinoa below.

Source: Jenny Sugar| Michele Foley| and Healthful Pursuit

| Puffed or Popped

One of the more surprising ways to eat quinoa is to puff up the healthy grain u2014u00a0much like popcorn u2014 which gives it a nuttier flavor. Once it is popped and prepared| you can eat it like a snack or use it to make breakfast bars like these no-bake cinnamon-raisin granola bars.

You can even buy quinoa prepopped| then top your favorite dishes with the protein-rich puffs.

| Granola Substitute

If you want to shake up your granola game| then try swapping out standard oats for your favorite type of quinoa. A nutty and sweet granola recipe with the grain is high in iron and cholesterol free.

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr

| Quinoa Sushi

Quinoa is the perfect texture to substitute for rice in any recipe but especially in a sushi roll. If you’re craving sushi but want to steer clear of starches and carbs| simply swap in this supergrain to make vegetarian California rolls.

| As a Dessert Option

When you think quinoa| dessert is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind| but there are actually plenty of ways to add it in to a sweet and healthy treat. These strawberry bites are filled with a mashed banana and quinoa mixture and topped with chopped raw almonds| so they’re protein-rich| full of fiber| and flavorful.

Photo: Jenny Sugar

| Quinoa Instead of Flour

While quinoa can’t be used as a full substitute for all-purpose flour| it can be Dairy-free ginger cookies are a protein-filled (and guilt-free) quinoa dessert option.

You can also add whole quinoa to existing flour to pump up the nutritional content| like with these quinoa pancakes.

Photo: Jenny Sugar

| In a Smoothie

A lot of smoothie recipes call for the addition of protein powder to ramp up the drink| but if you mix in quinoa| you can skip the powder and still get this important nutrient. Blending the cooked grain in to smoothies can also give them a subtle nutty flavor that balances out any sweet fruit the smoothie contains.

For blending raw quinoa| you’ll need a higher-powered blender| but it’s easily mixed in if you cook it up first.

Photo: Michele Foley

| Quinoa Cereal

Start your day right with a dose of protein and amino acids in a savory overnight breakfast dish or a cold quinoa cereal with berries. Quinoa can also be used just like oats and made into a hot porridge to start your day with.