Tell Mom ‘I Love You’ With 100-Calorie Mini Chocolate Mousse Cups

What mom wouldn’t appreciate a little edible treat on Mother’s Day? Although you could buy her a box of chocolates or take her out for wine and dessert| it’ll mean so much more if you make her something from scratch. Plus| Mom will especially appreciate that this recipe is low in calories ¡ª just 100 calories per decadent creamy cup!

They’re a cinch to make| and your mom will yet again tear up with pride at how amazing you are| which of course is all because of her amazing mom skills| and boom ¡ª making her feel good will be the ultimate Mother’s Day gift| and all because of these divine little chocolate mousse cups.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cups

From Jenny Sugar| POPSUGAR Fitness

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cups


The best part about this delicious dessert is the edible chocolate cup you serve it in! Use cupcake liners made of parchment paper rather than regular paper since they’ll easily peel off your chocolate cup once it hardens. Silicone baking cups work well too.