Walk It Out to Warm It Up

Walk It Out to Warm It Up

A proper warmup before any strength-training workout will not only help you perform better during your sweat session| but it also might help ease the delayed pain| known as DOMS| that can follow a tough workout. After three to five minutes of light cardio| do a handful of walkouts to prep your entire body for the upcoming challenges you will be facing| from holding multiple planks to heaving kettlebells. We’ve added a lunge to this classic move to make the exercise even more effective.

| Reach Up

Stand at the back of your mat| and circle your arms out to the sides to reach toward the ceiling. Look up| and feel your chest opening up.

| Forward Bend

Keeping your back straight| bend forward| hinging at your hips to bring your hands to the mat. This position brings length to the back of the legs. If your hamstrings are tight| bend your knees a bit to take tension off the muscles.

| Crawl Out

Walk your hands forward moving into a plank| and hold each step to stretch your calves a bit. This warms up the shoulders and hands nicely.

| Plank

Hold the plank for a few seconds to really wake up your core.

| Deep Lunge

Bring your left foot to the outside of your left hand| coming into a deep lunge opening up the front of your right hip. Return to the plank position| then switch sides.

| Roll Up

From your plank| walk your hands back to your feet until you are in another forward bend. Slowly roll up to standing| letting your head hang and keeping your neck relaxed. Once you are fully upright| you’re ready to repeat the walkout for a total of three to five reps.