Do These 6 Things With Your Fridge to Help You Drop Pounds

Your fridge could use a makeover. Sure| it’s chock-full of healthy foods| but if you can’t find the baby kale you just bought| then how will it end up in your breakfast smoothie? All you need is a little organization| and it’ll go a long way in helping with weight-loss goals. Follow the tips below| and you’ll be eating healthier in no time.

Get OrganizedWhen all your food is crammed into the fridge| it makes healthy items less accessible| which means you’re less likely to reach for them. Being able to see food neatly arranged in your fridge will inspire you to create healthy recipes and eat good-for-you snacks. A decluttered fridge also helps you keep track of staples| so you never run out of things like Greek yogurt or breakfast basics like eggs. Versatile plastic storage bins| like these from Crate and Barrel ($11)| are clear and stackable| making it easy to peruse the array of healthy foods available at your fingertips.

Snack Center in the FridgeCreate a snack center in your fridge (one of those Crate and Barrel bins would be perfect for this)| so you have a go-to spot to find healthy munchables when hunger strikes. Place the bin in front at eye level| and stock it with premade 150-calorie baggies of popcorn| cheese and crackers| trail mix| fresh fruit| cereal| pretzels| fruit and nut bars| fruit leather| and other healthy faves.

Precut VeggiesVeggies are low in cals and jam-packed with fiber; when you eat them you feel full longer| which keeps hunger at bay and prevents mindless snacking later. But your veggies can’t help you lose weight if they sit in the crisper and go moldy before you have a chance to eat them. You’re more likely to nosh on veggies if they’re ready to eat. After hitting the grocery store| immediately wash| cut| and store carrots| peppers| cucumbers| broccoli| celery| and cherry tomatoes in reusable containers. Place the stack of precut veggies next to a tub of hummus| a bottle of low-calorie salad dressing like Annie’s Gingerly Vinaigrette| or homemade nonfat yogurt dill dip.

Fruit BowlFruit is also a perfect snack or dessert because the sweetness satisfies your sugar cravings| but it’s much lower in calories than a chocolate bar or cookie. Ensure that you eat those nutritious apples| pears| kiwis| peaches| melons| and citrus fruits by displaying them in a bowl| so when you open the fridge door you’re inspired to grab a piece.

Ditch the JunkIf unhealthy| nutrition-less food is in your fridge| you’ll quickly push the carrot sticks out of the way to reach them. Get rid of everything from cans of soda to the half-eaten jar of nacho cheese sauce. What’s that? You buy that stuff for your hubby or kids? Well don’t. If it’s there to tempt you| it will. If this health kick you’re on rubs off on your family| it’ll be that much easier to stick with it and drop those pounds; and your loved ones will be healthier too.

Store Healthier Alternatives to Your FavesYou know that ice cream is your weakness| so don’t deprive yourself ¡ª it’ll only lead to cravings. Make sure you have a lower-calorie option| such as sorbet bars| available to satisfy your sweet tooth. The same goes for other high-fat or high-calorie foods. Stock up on healthier alternatives| so you can still enjoy the foods you love without derailing your weight-loss train.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography