Confession: I’m a Serious Runner but I Still Like to Party

Some people like sleeping in when the weekend hits| but my favorite thing to do on Saturday morning is head out for a long run| usually through Golden Gate Park. The weather is always perfect| the scenery is gorgeous| and there’s something about finishing a long run before starting my day that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something| especially if later-day plans include less respectable (but just as important) events. But even though I like to run| it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to rise and shine on a Saturday especially since I am decidedly not a morning person. The good news is this late-night cocktail-lover can get up and run her heart out on the weekend and you can too with these tips.

Be Smart at Happy Hour

I like fitting in a morning run on Saturdays| since it’s a great way to start the weekend off on the right note. The problem: I’ve also been known to enjoy a much-needed Friday happy hour or two. But after realizing the hard way that dehydrating cocktails and early morning running success don’t go hand in hand| I’ve learned to prioritize. Getting up early to run makes me feel better than staying out late on a Friday night and feeling demotivated the next day| so I’ve learned that sometimes saying no to post-happy hour plans| ordering just a couple drinks throughout the night| and water backing as much as possible are all good strategies for ensuring I stick to my workout plans. Plus| once I’ve completed my run| I know I’ll have Saturday night to meet up with friends without feeling guilty about skipping my workout.

Enlist a Buddy

I’ll admit| there’ve been many times when I would’ve hit the snooze and snuggled in bed if it weren’t for my similarly motivated running buddy. Even if we head out later than we planned on| being able to hold each other accountable is always a good thing.

Don’t Overthink It

Unless I’m training for a race| my usual MO for my weekend long run is to not have a plan. Sometimes| I wake up and am able to run nine miles easily ¡ª other times it’s hard to even finish five. I like thinking of my weekend runs as “anything goes” ?sometimes I time myself and try to keep pace| sometimes I run slowly| sometimes I have to stop and walk| but no matter how crappy the run| I’m always happy I did it once I make it back home.

Don’t Put It Off

I get it sometimes| you just dread a workout. But the longer you put off your run| the more time you’re wasting. A long run requires timing your meals and hydration correctly| so the more you put it off| the more you’ll have to spend your time figuring out your workout timeline instead of moving on to other things. I’ve learned that just going through the motions of eating a pre-workout snack and changing into my running clothes gets me out the door before I know it| even when I’ve been dragging my feet.

Be Flexible

That said| sometimes getting out of bed to log miles is just not an option. When that’s the case| I try moving around my schedule. Maybe I have an early dinner on Saturday so I know I’ll be up for my run on Sunday morning| or I might decide just to do a shorter| faster run sometime in the afternoon instead. Either way| I still feel good about hitting my workout goals without feeling like they’re messing with everything else I’ve got going on during the weekend. And if too much weekend fun means I skipped my run? I just get back on track once Monday hits and make sure I prioritize my workout the next weekend.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography