8 Snack Ideas to Help You Lose Weight

8 Snack Ideas to Help You Lose Weight

Not just for toddlers| snack time is important for adults| too| especially if you’re trying to drop pounds. Snacking can satiate hunger between meals to prevent overeating| as well as help you get valuable nutrients you’re missing from meals alone. If losing weight is one of your 2015 goals| each day aim for one or two 150- to 200-calorie filling snacks using these weight-loss foods.

Blueberry| Avocado| and Chia Seed Smoothie

Total calories: 192

Scrambled Egg With Salsa

Total calories: 148


Oatmeal With Apple and Cinnamon

Total calories: 158

Sweet Potato Mashed With Quinoa

Total calories: 127


Hummus With Veggies

  • 2 tablespoons black bean hummus: 86 calories
  • Half a cucumber| sliced: 23 calories
  • 10 baby carrots: 35 calories

Total calories: 144

Greek Yogurt With Chopped Pears

Total calories: 162


Dark Chocolate With Nuts

  • 3 chocolate almond coconut clusters: 123 calories; OR
  • 1/3 bar of Endangered Species Dark Chocolate With Sea Salt & Almonds: 166 calories


Total calories: 140