Here’s Why You Should Care About a Strong Core

For many years| I only amped up my core workouts when bikini season was on my brain| and little did I know I was doing my body a major disservice. Sure| feeling confident in your swimsuit is a major plus when you’re out on the beach| but there are much more important reasons to work your midsection. Here’s why you should care about strengthening yours.

Combat chronic pack pain: If you deal with constant lower back pain| it’s often related to a weak core. I know this was a big one for me when I started doing SoulCycle regularly. Once I learned to appropriately engage my middle and my core tightened up| my lower back pain went away for good.

Prevent everyday injury: Strength and stamina certainly increase in time| but if you’re not utilizing your core muscles enough during cardio or strength training| you might be on your way to a nasty injury. Whether you’re trying a kettlebell class or moving out of your apartment| a toned and powerful core keeps your whole body safe.

Improve your posture: A weak midsection often leads to a slouched spine and poor posture. With a strong and stable core| you’re able to sit up| stand up| and move around more comfortably. And while the number on the scale certainly isn’t everything| standing up straight helps you look 10 to 15 pounds thinner.

Not sure if your core is weak or tough? You can test yours in a single move ¡ª Boat ¡ª one of the most common poses you’ll see in yoga class. If you’re ready to work your core for the better| start incorporating this all-abs workout into your strength-training routine to starting feeling results!

Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios / Kat Borchat