How I Learned to Stop Hating Yoga

It may be National Yoga Month a time to celebrate the ancient practice by trying out new studios around your city but stick me in a yoga class| and my mind and breath are bound to wander. Yoga for me has always been an hour and a half of feeling incredibly awkward and inflexible and wondering when it would be time for my favorite pose (Savasana| of course).

I’ve heard from people who have a similar level of patience as me claim that yoga is also their least favorite way to work out. The slow pace is at odds with my workout of choice| running| and I imagine those who like to blow off steam at kickboxing class| for example| also find it hard to hold poses and quietly introspect while in yoga.

After a few years’ hiatus from my very beginner’s yoga practice| however| I’ve begun to realize just how integral yoga is to my routine. For one| stretching out my tired runner’s hamstrings and hips is always a good thing. For another| yoga offers a way to quiet the mind while strengthening the entire body and increasing body awareness ¡ª all-important factors when you are always on the go or stressing about your program when training for a race.

As inflexible as they come| I’m still struggling to perfect my Tree Pose and inch my heels closer to the floor while I Downward Dog| but taking an occasional yoga class has helped me realize just how important the workout can be for athletes and yogis alike. So while I won’t be attempting a Tick Tock anytime soon| I’ve slowly been adding yoga to my normal Tabata and treadmill routine| with great results. Turns out| yoga might just have something for everyone.

Image Source: Thinkstock