9 Reasons You Can’t Sleep

There are many important reasons to get enough sleep every night; not only does sleep help keep you slim| but it also helps reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. If you can’t get enough healthy shut-eye every night| one of these habits could be the culprit.

    You go to bed with your electronics: Catching up on Facebook or scrolling through Pinterest on your iPad will trick your brain into thinking it’s still day| which can disrupt your body’s circadian rhythm. Help yourself wind down by shutting off your electronics at least 20 minutes before bed.You haven’t upgraded: An old| lumpy mattress or dust-mite-filled pillow can turn your nights into restless hours up with a sore back or a stuffy nose. Replace your pillows every year (here are some tips on picking the right one) and replace old| worn mattresses when they’ve reached the end of their life cycle.You ate too late: Making a habit of late-night eating can cause digestion issues that keep you up at night. Opt for an earlier| lighter dinner if possible if you notice heartburn or other digestive distress at bedtime.You choose the wrong drink: That afternoon pick-me-up or evening nightcap may now be the reason why you can’t drift off to sleep. Keep track of your insomnia trigger| whether it’s caffeine| alcohol| or sugary drinks| and limit those as much as possible for a good night’s sleep.You don’t turn off: Constantly worrying| thinking about your to-do list| or cataloging the chores you need to do can keep you from drifting off to sleep. Keep a journal by your bed so you can jot down ideas and to-dos| and shut your mind off.You’re a fan of naps: A midday or postwork nap on the couch can make it hard to get to sleep when it’s primetime. If you think your naps are disrupting your sleep| try and save your Z’s and get back on schedule.Your bedroom isn’t a sanctuary: Loud street noises| computers on and humming| pets taking over your bed ¡ª all these distractions can make you drift in and out of a deep sleep so you feel groggy in the morning. Keep your TV| work| and other distractions out of your bedroom| and try to maintain an uncluttered| cool temperature bedroom with these bedroom makeover tips.You have too much energy: Exercise helps burn up energy you have during the day so that you go to sleep fast once you hit the hay. Maintain a regular workout schedule during the week so you’re ready for sleep once night falls.You don’t wind down: A good book| a mug of herbal tea| and a de-stressing yoga routine ¡ª having a bedtime relaxing routine will help you prep for bed and relieve stress and anxiety.

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