15 Reasons to Wake Up 15 Minutes Early

I’m not naturally a morning person. My love of SoulCycle got me out of bed for months| but since I cut back on this workout out of necessity| I’ve fallen back into old habits. Hitting the snooze button five-plus times leaves me feeling groggy| seriously pisses off my boyfriend| and makes me rush around like a madwoman before running to the bus. In short| it’s not the most pleasant way to start my day.

Lately| however| I’ve found that waking up (and actually getting out of bed) earlier totally transforms my morning. I know that staying in bed can feel like the right decision when you’re cozy under the covers| but try waking up 15 minutes earlier| so you’ll have ample time for one (or a combination!) of the following healthy rituals.

    Stretch it out: Get out of bed to roll out your mat. This short and sweet yoga sequence leaves you feeling energized and focused.Make a list: Instead of scrambling to remember what you need to accomplish all day| take the time to write down everything you need to do in the morning. There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing things off that list. Sit in silence: A short meditation can change your whole day. Breathing deep and sinking into relaxation is more than a hippie practice science supports it.Dance it out: Blast your favorite tunes and make crazy moves around your bedroom. You’ll burn calories and amp up your endorphins.Enjoy a fresh breakfast: We swear by make-ahead breakfasts over here| but there’s something special about cooking and enjoying a breakfast before work. Here are some quick recipes to try.Make a call: Enjoy a quick catch-up session with a good friend or family member. You’ll feel relaxed and connected all day long.Take tea time: Lounge and linger over a hot cup of tea or debloating hot water with lemon instead of grabbing that travel mug and rushing out the door.Grab your roller: Feeling tight after a tough workout? Give your body a minimassage with a foam-rolling session. Your muscles thank you in advance.DIY spa party: Pretend you took a quick trip to the spa with this soothing clay mask or foot scrub. It’s the next best thing!Get lifted: You might not have time for a full workout| but you can work on toning up with a short strength-training workout. Get ready to feel the burn.Prep your lunch: Don’t be forced to grab takeout. Put together a balanced lunch in the morning that will keep you energized in the afternoon.Go on a long(er) walk: Always scrambling to take your dog out as quickly as possible? Take the time to go on a long walk. Your pooch thanks you in advance.Just read: When’s the last time you had time to read something other than your email in the morning? With 15 extra minutes you can read your favorite site or a chapter in your book before work.Practice affirmations: Kick off an affirmation practice to start your day off on a strong and positive note. This takes way less than 15 minutes and can transform much more than just your morning routine.Clean up: Make your bed| wipe down surfaces| or do a quick kitchen scrub. Keeping your house free of lingering germs will keep you healthy| and there’s nothing better than coming home to a clean house.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography