The Important Breast-Cancer-Awareness Photo You Need to See

You know how important it is to be checked for breast cancer| but sometimes the signs are a lot more subtle than you might catch. One woman spotted something underneath her breast that could have easily been overlooked| and now she’s using her photo to spread awareness to other women about the importance of taking any mark seriously. Lisa Royle of Manchester| England| saw some “very subtle dimples” underneath her breast. Dimpled skin might not be one of the first signs of breast cancer that come to mind| but the American Cancer Society lists skin irritation and dimpling as possible symptoms. Lisa wanted to share this photo before undergoing a mastectomy in order to help educate other women about possible symptoms. See Lisa’s post below| and then read about foods that lower your risk of breast cancer and 10 things every woman can do to help prevent breast cancer.

Ok so I never thought I'd post a boob picture on Facebook but I thought I would before it gets chopped off next week….

Posted by Lisa Royle on Monday| May 11| 2015

Image Source: Facebook user Lisa Royle