How a NutriBullet and a Random Act of Kindness Helped a Cancer-Stricken Woman

An Irish woman who was hoping to buy a secondhand juicer for her sick mom just got the surprise of a lifetime thanks to an incredibly kind stranger. Cara Duggan, whose mother was diagnosed with Stage Four cancer in 2014, wanted to buy a NutriBullet because it would be the best way to get her mom the nutrition she needs. She couldn’t afford one at full price, so she took to Gumtree and found someone selling a used one. Cara kindly reached out to the stranger about using PayPal to buy the juicer and wanted to know if it could be mailed to her. She never expected what happened next.

Oh my goodness…for anyone doubting that there is good left in the world… Today I emailed a stranger on gumtree…

Posted by Cara Grace Duggan onWednesday, August 5, 2015

The seller immediately let the woman know that she had a brand-new NutriBullet on the way ¡ª free of charge.

BuzzFeed News spoke with Cara, and she elaborated on the reason for the purchase. “A while after her last chemo session Mum’s legs started swelling which turned out to be blood clots, but as they were undiagnosed they had travelled to her lungs. Apparently, this is a really common side effect of chemo. These blood clots have left her with no energy and she’s been really struggling with nausea, so we decided to get her a juicer.”

Rest assured, the juicer really was waiting for Cara when she went to pick it up. We love anything that celebrates healthy, happy living, and while we might not all be able to make the same generous donation, we can all be kind.

Image Source: Facebook user Cara Grace Duggan