This Woman Did a Mud Run – and Went Blind in 1 Eye

When you sign a waiver form| are you really understanding all the risks? From our friends at Women’s Health| see how Brittany Williams’s mud run caused much more damage than she ever imagined. Both sad and terrifying| it is a reminder that not everything goes as planned ¡ª even if you think you know what you signed up for.

When you register for a race| you sign a waiver for a reason: with fitness achievements come risks. That’s obviously more so the case for some races than others| though| and mud runs are definitely up there in the danger department.

We’ve reported on the perils of mud runs before¡ªfrom fever and diarrhea to burns to paralysis. Now| unfortunately| another hazard has been added to the list: a young mom says that bacteria from a mud run left her blind in one eye.

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Brittany Williams participated in a mud run in Texas with her fianc¨¦ earlier this month. Afterward| she started experiencing severe pain in her left eye| as well as vision loss| according to a GoFundMe page that has since been set up for her.

“My eye started hurting| like maybe I’ve got mud or some debris in there|” she told CBS DFW. “When I opened my eye| it was just like white. The whole room was white.”

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According to her GoFundMe page| she learned from a visit to the emergency room that she had “several abrasions on her cornea and what looked like a chemical burn¡ªthat she had a very slim chance of ever seeing out of that eye again.” She’s since spent a week in the hospital and racked up $100|000 in medical bills| reports CBS DFW. (She has two jobs but opted out of health insurance.)

Watch Brittany further explain her injury¡ªand see it for yourself¡ªin CBS DFW’s video below. Warning: it’s pretty gruesome.

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