Show Your Yoga Spirit as You Hydrate

Show Your Yoga Spirit as You Hydrate

Tired of your boring old water bottle? Refresh your gear with a pick inspired by your healthy yoga habit. When you untwist yours to take a sip| you might just be inspired to calm down and get grounded like you were on your mat u2014 even if you’re at the office or on the road!

Source: Lululemon

| All Things Yoga

Make the most of your yoga vocabulary with this Spiritual Gangster Water Bottle ($20). We can’t wait until the I’m Just Here For the Savasana Bottle ($20) is back in stock!

| Sip For Your Chakras

A far-out Eco Bottle Design Bottle ($17) is perfect for a Kundalini-yoga-lover.

| Hashtag Yoga

Simple and sweet| this #Yoga Bottle ($20) gets right to the point.

| Yin or Yang?

The ever-present symbol for the ’90s gets a yogi makeover on this Yin Yang Sigg Bottle ($22).

| Lotus Powered

The lotus flower| a common symbol in yoga classes| makes a cameo on this White Lotus Bottle ($21).

| That’s Why We Yoga

The hot-pink hue on this Keep Calm and Yoga On Bottle ($10) will brighten up any day. As you sip| just remember to breathe.

| Say “”Om!””

What’s not to love about this Sigg 1L Om Water Bottle ($25)? The airy print and pastel colors are so soothing.