Zoe Saldana Calls Postpartum Weight Loss ‘Painful . . . but Worth It’

Most new moms (and some sympathy-eater dads) will agree with Zoe Saldana’s assertion that bouncing back from having a baby “feels impossible” ¡ª especially if they| like the actress| recently welcomed twins. But the Guardians of the Galaxy star is determined to regain her healthy lifestyle| energy| and prepregnancy body| and she’s sharing her difficult journey with the world. With inspiring| honest posts on her Facebook page| Saldana is shedding light on the highs and lows of postpartum fitness.

“Your body changes dramatically| inside and out. You grow in places you never knew you could| and you are tired beyond belief|” Saldana said in a Facebook status about her experience delivering twin sons. “Everything from my thyroid to my platelets crashed . . . my body was really bent out of shape after the boys were born. Bouncing back feels impossible| but I know it is important as a woman| and now a mommy| to not give up.”

“I know many of you have gone through this or are going through it as we speak. Let’s do it together. Let’s talk about it| hear each other out| and seek advice when we need it|” the actress shared| encouraging followers to join in her new fitness efforts. “I’m not gonna lie ¡ª it is slow| painful| and frustrating. But it is worth it.”

Scroll on to see some of Saldana’s inspiring exercise videos| and be sure to keep up on Facebook to follow her weight-loss journey| which she’s embarking on with the help of longtime trainer Steve Moyer.

I made it! After a week of postponing my workout due to life & meetings & work| I prioritized it. I prioritized myself. …

Posted by Zoe Saldana on Tuesday| April 14| 2015

Moyer has been putting my cardio tolerance to the test today with interval training. After a 12 minute warmup on the…

Posted by Zoe Saldana on Thursday| April 23| 2015

Image Source: Facebook user ZoeSaldana