The Best Eleven candy corn recipes

Candy Corn is our fall favorite candy. The layers of white, orange, and yellow are so fun we can hardly stand it. Perfect for a fun treat at home, school parties or your next Halloween bash, these desserts are meant to WOW. Here are The 11 Best Candy Corn Recipes we could find, perfect for satisfying that sweet tooth! You absolutely cannot go wrong with any of these fabulous recipes which include candy corn rice krispies, candy corn fudge, candy corn swirl cookies, pudding pops, and much, much, more!

11 Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats Click to Cook It Chef in Training
10 Candy Corn Fudge Click to Cook It Princess Pinky Girl
9 Candy Corn Jello Cups Click to Cook It Smart School House
8 Candy Corn Swirl Cookies Click to Cook It The Simple, Sweet Life
7 Candy Corn Cakes Click to Cook It Your Homebased Mom
6 Candy Corn Kool-Aid Dots Click to Cook It Smart School House
5 Candy Corn French Macarons Click to Cook It Persia Lou
4 Candy Corn Meringues Click to Cook It Make Bake Celebrate
3 Candy Corn Pudding Pops Click to Cook It No. 2 Pencil for Eighteen 25
2 Candy Corn Mummy Sugar Cookies Click to Cook It Java Cupcake
1 Candy Corn Donuts Click to Cook It Chez Cateylou