BiglyBT Mac version Free Download

BiglyBT Mac is a feature-rich, open source, ad-free bittorrent client on the Mac platform. BiglyBT Mac, a derivative of the open source project created by Azureus in 2003, continues to develop , retaining all your favorite features. If you are already using Azureus or Vuze, you can choose to copy and migrate configuration Settings, downloads, and plug-ins.

software features


merge download to complete all available download traffic and speed up the download. Worldwide rate limits, through downloads, tags, peer sets (such as peers from a given country), networks (public/I2P), and even peers. Overall capacity limits also support ISP restrictions. Restrictions can also be arranged by time, etc. Support WebTorrent – BiglyBT can be downloaded and seeded to WebTorrent by peers. There is also a built-in network seed tracker.


remote control (any Android application that supports RPC transfer)

0 privacy and security 1


3 I2P support (using I2P DHT) anonymous download


BiglyBT Mac version


media player, media transformation (translation), UPnP media server and DLNA support, allows the device to connect and browse your content, And allows BiglyBT to send content directly to the device.


RSS to chat publishers, share content stream through chat, used to share arbitrary modifiable files of scattered content copy.

BiglyBT Mac version Free Download