Blisk for Mac Free Download

Blisk browser Mac version is a browser specially designed for development personnel on the Mac platform. Blisk browser Mac version is based on the Chromium kernel and supported by firefox developers to make developers more productive, save time and prevent defects.

software feature

Blisk browser Mac version for a mobile phone, tablet to the mobile emulator, can the simulation mobile web browsing environment, Easy for developers to test. Blisk comes with an emulator for major phones and tablets that synchronizes browser pages and emulators, automatically refreshes pages when source code changes, cloud storage, and the ability to take a screen capture and screen recording and page checking for recording defects. These tools are added as Chromium extensions. When there is no network connection, Blisk saves the content locally. After the network is restored, synchronize with the associated cloud storage.

simulation: preview desktop and mobile terminal at the same time.

auto refresh: every time you save code, the App automatically refreshes the Web page. One screen opens the IDE and one opens Blisk, focusing on Web development.

navigation synchronization: App synchronizes mobile and desktop urls and scroll positions. The mobile side and desktop side maintain the same URL and scroll location with each other.

screenshot: just click the App once to take a screenshot of the device or desktop and save it to the cloud. You can share the screenshots with team members or attach them to defect reports.

screen recording: App can record screen recording and save it to the cloud. You can share the videos with team members or attach them to defect reports.

notification: App can display real-time notification of resource loading failure and JS error. The App will display the JS error stack and search for solutions on StackOverflow.

Inspector: App can view desktop and device views without launching developer tool . The inspector displays the most important CSS property information.

cloud storage: App securely stores screenshots, videos, reports, etc. on the cloud to facilitate team collaboration.

desktop and mobile development. Make developers more productive. Provides specific development features needed to build Web applications. In general, Chrome and Firefox were built for browsing the Web, and Blisk was built for building the Web.

Blisk for Mac Free Download