CloudApp Mac version Free Download

CloudApp Mac is a cloud service for Mac OS. CloudApp Mac helps you automatically save links to your files.

software features

, mobile phone photos or photos of your PS


1 easy and easy to understand


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CloudApp for Mac

function introduction

CloudApp Mac version of the software features:

– simple interface, Simplify your sharing process

-share screenshots and screen video use custom hotkey fast quality visual collaboration

-gif and – sharing via electronic email feature more seamless and simple sharing feature directly from the application

0 – add comments or emphasize visual feedback


CloudApp Mac version

to add in your drops made cooperation dialogue around your assets

to get your drops as world history to check the tracking number and open – add code encryption , Increase your drop privacy

– use auto-destroy Settings to drop time fuses and control the lifetime of your assets

– use custom domains (such as URL shortening). Total/XXXX) and your brand make CloudApp an extension of you or your business

– share assets using private or public relations (built-in URL shortening!)

– re-copy a link, remove or rename menu asset

-iOS App go to CloudApp

CloudApp Mac version Free Download