CloudBerry Backup Mac version Free Download

CloudBerry Backup Mac version is a Mac platform file Backup cloud storage client software, in addition to the choice of Backup mode, using this software Backup, can support a variety of cloud storage services, as of this writing, the software can support cloud storage services including: Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob, Nirvanix, Dunkel, etc. In addition, the software can use the local file system as a backup target. In other words, this is a dedicated backup software for both local and cloud backups.

CloudBerry Backup Mac

function introduction

simple mode: this mode essentially copies local files that need to be backed up to S3 cloud as is, so if you need to use other software or methods to access data in the cloud, you need to use this mode. However, this method cannot use local encryption , version control, byte level transfer and other advanced functions.

advanced mode: this mode needs to process the files to be backed up locally and then copy them to the cloud, so it can achieve various advanced functions, but it cannot access the backed up data through other software or methods.

in order to use the various features of advanced mode, it is still possible to obtain files without the help of local software, which provides Web access. On any computer, as long as it can access to the Internet, you can direct online access at a simple pattern or advanced mode of backup files. In addition, you can share specific files from the backup to others through this Web interface. This approach supports the various major openids, so you can use it directly without registering a new account.

CloudBerry Backup for Mac

CloudBerry Backup Mac version Free Download