CocoLinks Mac version Free Download

CocoLinks Mac is a Mac platform browser tool, CocoLinks Mac allows you to open multiple pages at the same time, support specific browser, you can also export these pages to save as pages, also support the use of search function, so you don’t have to find slowly, greatly improve efficiency.

CocoLinks Mac version

software feature

CocoLinks Mac version allows the user to save a set of links to the application, can be opened easily. Ease of use with the application comes from its ability to open link sets without opening a browser and browsing bookmark management. There is also the nature of self-contained applications due to increased privacy. By using this program, users can free up unnecessary web pages, switch tasks, or work in multiple workflows while keeping the number of Windows and tabs to a minimum. Each set of links can be exported individually or as a set of links can be archived in folders.

CocoLinks for Mac

CocoLinks have a choice between the browser, Chrome or Safari, and the existing window or a new window to open the link. Add to the application a number of pages, each set of links, and a tactical search button. The search button displays each window of all unique sites currently open. This button is basically a temporary, floating bookmark TAB.

CocoLinks Mac version Free Download