Dropbox for MAC Free Download

DropBox Mac this is a Mac OS system with 2GB of space foreign network hard disk. Mac users can use DropBox Mac to upload any file to a network hard drive, back it up or share it with other users.

dropbox for MAC

software feature

program and Finder perfect combination, and just add a folder in the directory. Files or folders dropped into DropBox automatically synchronize files on the network hard drive corresponding to the user’s account. file transfer will be done through an excellent network interface where monitors the various versions of uploaded files, ensuring that the old files are replaced by newer ones. The software transfers only those parts of the file that have been modified, reducing broadband traffic as users process large files.

DropBox Mac version

DropBox has a folder to share system, allowing all invited users to access. Uploaded photos will be saved as an album, especially suitable for sharing photos between family and friends. Also, each file has its own unique URL that can be accessed over the Internet.

Dropbox for MAC Free Download